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FLorida Atheists and Secular Humanists


Hello FLASH,
   I am excited to be part of this group again. 
You may occasionally see me at a weekly social, but not likely.  You will find me at most of our monthly events, picnics and other events. Trying to attend weekly socials for four and eventually more communities would be time consuming. I plan to be active on other areas for FLASH. The good news is there will be more than weekly socials.
I have set some high goals for myself regarding FLASH and that will be increasing membership, increase donations, hold regular meetings other than the weekly socials, getting back into Darwin and Sagan days, forming and supporting a campus group at UM and more activism.  There's no way I could do any of this without you, the membership. FLASH's past successes was not a one person job, I relied heavily on volunteers and know I will need support again.
 While at American Atheists I worked with Directors and affiliates around the country. I think I have learned what members want for their membership dollars. What makes volunteers step up. And how to ask for money. For a non-profit to grow and serve more people it takes money. Quite frankly, a lot more than memberships alone. I estimate it would take 1000+ paying members in order to accomplish my annual program of events. I don't see that happening in 6 months or 2 years, so it takes donors. Fortunately, this again is something I learned a little about.  Now, in order to look appealing to donors, the group has to be stable, FLASH has been around long enough. They look for organization, FLASH is a registered non-profit and a 501(c)3.  They look for past accomplishments, we're OK there. They also look for motivated, experienced leadership. which I have both with FLASH and American Atheists. What we lack is membership. Membership is woefully low and FLASH is essentially living off of a large donation from a few years. We can last another 6 months at the pace I am planning. 
So, here is where I need your help. First, join FLASH as a paying member or even better a monthly supporter. Stop reading this email for a few minutes and follow this link to join, then come back to finish this email. 

... OK, now that you're a member of FLASH, what else can you do?  I am going to list some things we need help with, send me an email with subject FLASH and the group you will help with:
Board of Directors Maintain FLASHs mission, bylaws, elects President, oversee finances. 
Community organizer, co-organizer Maintains the community meet-up page, welcomes new members, secure venues for lectures, organize events specific to that FLASH community and maintain communication and work with the President.
Darwin/Sagan educational day committee  this committee plans, organizes and executes the running of our public education events. Eventually they will plan the Third Thursday series.
Solstice Picnic/party  committee made up of different community volunteers to organize 2 annual FLASH events specifically designed to bring the communities together. Will need to organize and divide needs from each community to contribute.  This committee could also help organize other family friendly events.
Activism- need volunteers to organize protest when needed, write LTEs, tabling events. And general help with other FLASH events. 

Communication- Write content for newsletters, website update brochures and handouts.
and of course,

Donors - If you are wealthy and can write checks of $5,000 or more... I am especially interested in impressing you with details about FLASH's past, present and future.

Again, I am excited to be back with FLASH. With the direction of the Board of Directors, and the help of members and volunteers, we will promote atheism in South Florida in a very positive light. And we can have fun doing it.

Thank you,

Ken Loukinen
President, Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists

FLASH has a new President.
First we would like to thank Rod Zimmerman for his service to FLASH. His move to Oregon came sooner than expected, We hope him the best.

Ken Loukinen is a founding member of FLASH, then called Atheists of Broward County, and our first President. After 7 years as Director of Regional Operations for American Atheists, he is returning to FLASH as our President.  Ken has a positive track record with FLASH. While he was President, FLASH had grown from a handful of fiends to 200 members. FLASH had adopted a highway, donated supplies to local science teachers, got FLASH involved in Darwin day and originated Carl Sagan Day, had large picnics, TV appearances, as well as other accomplishments. FLASH was named American Atheists Affiliate of the year, 2009. The following year Ken was awarded the American Atheists "Atheist of the year, their highest award.

Ken came back with a plan, and we like it. His first goal is to bring membership back to 200 members and increase the number of monthly supporters. With a few donations and fund raising events, FLASH can be stronger than ever. Please welcome Ken back, and start considering your membership status and how you might volunteer.