FLorida Atheists and Secular Humanists


Ken Loukinen. Chairperson, former President 

 Ken is a founding member of FLASH and was it's first president until 2010. He is now a national Director for American Atheists and recently joined their BoD. Ken lives in Palm Beach County and while we don't see him as often as before, he is still a very active member of FLASH. Many of his projects and innovative ides are still in practice and have helped FLASH grow to it;s current state.

Chet Klug Vice President

​Robert Senatore Former President

FLASH Leadership

Palm Beach North Community Organizer

Vice President - Chet Klug

We are the atheists next door. We are the people who work everyday jobs – firefighters, teachers, electricians, programmers, and more. We are mothers, husbands, siblings and friends. We are the one in six Americans that do not claim a religion. We don’t believe in gods or devils, heaven or hell. We are normal, ethical people who rely on reason and logic to guide us, not faith and superstition.

Creating communities for non-religious South Floridians since 2004

Rod received his BBA in Golf Course Management from SUNY Delhi. He has worked on many golf courses from New York to Colorado, and now in South to Florida where he currently resides. He is most proud of the two golf courses he built, Ravenwood GC in Victor NY, and Seven Bridges GC in Sunrise FL.

He didn't become an out atheist until he was 27, but he had doubted the fundamentalist faith,  in which he was raised, for many years previous. After coming out as an Atheist he sought out a local atheist group and was introduced to FLASH. He became active in outreach and educational events in 2012 and was asked to take over as President in 2014.

Board of Directors

Deerfield/Boca Community organizer

President - Roderick Zimmerman